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Best Snus When Going on a Long Drive

The most essential aspect of a long car drive is the alertness of the driver. Often, drivers welcome the role of nicotine products in keeping them alert when they are driving for a long time. However, this may not always be convenient. Travelling with non-smokers makes smoking inconvenient especially when you want to avoid too […]

Avoid These Four Habits When Driving an Automatic Car

One of the greatest inventions the car industry has ever witnessed is the automatic transmission. This technology opened up a new era for drivers, thanks to its perks, including safety. And, you have less work to do when driving an automatic transmission car than a manual machine. But even with less work comes mistakes that […]

The advantages of hiring a car

Car hire is something that most people associate with being on holiday. They fly out to a foreign destination and use a hire car to get around. But there are plenty of other reasons and circumstances where they might consider hiring a car while they are at home. For a special trip Not everyone has […]

Velo for Your Car Journeys

It is actually a well-known fact that most people in advanced economies own a vehicle. Car ownership is undoubtedly no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity for people with fast-paced lives. Many people use their cars on a daily basis for a range of purposes, including the daily commute to work, dropping the […]

Working at a Car Show

There are numerous car shows held worldwide, at different times of the year, and in surprisingly glamorous locations. These include Milan, Bangkok and Paris, and they are very prestigious events attracting large crowds. Securing a job at one of these shows is somewhat challenging but is more than worth the effort. Women, in particular, are […]

4 Overrated Vehicles of all Time

Sometimes, carmakers hit home runs with their creations. They get everything right from the design to pricing and everything in between. Then there are times they totally miss the mark but still insist on pushing their product down our throats. Today we explore the most overrated vehicles the world has seen so far. The New […]


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