Avoid These Four Habits When Driving an Automatic Car

One of the greatest inventions the car industry has ever witnessed is the automatic transmission. This technology opened up a new era for drivers, thanks to its perks, including safety. And, you have less work to do when driving an automatic transmission car than a manual machine. But even with less work comes mistakes that many drivers make that may wreak havoc on the car’s efficiency or total engine failure in the worst-case scenario. Avoid these four mistakes when driving your automatic vehicle.

Keeping the Car in Neutral Mode at the Red Light

While fuel may be biting your pocket hard, mainly thanks to the Russia-Ukraine war, trying to save energy at the expense of your car is not a wise idea. The actual damage comes when switching into drive mode. The hard-hitting sound you hear from the gearbox says it all. Over time, you may have to replace the entire gearbox.

Sliding Down the Hill in Neutral

This is yet another common mistake, perhaps more so than the first one. When you do this, it means the oil supply is cut, depriving the transmission of proper lubrication. The end product is significant wear and tear, which translates to unnecessary high repair costs.

Revving Before Engaging the Gear

Most of us have done this, especially in our teenage years. But we don’t have to be that foolish in adulthood since we have many responsibilities that need money. So, why pay for car repair when you can avoid it? Revving the engine before gear mode causes transmission shock, resulting in more friction and damage to engine components.

Failure to Warm Up the Engine Before Driving

This mistake can cost you a significant amount of money, especially during winter. Cold conditions thicken the oil, slowing its movement. It would help if you gave it a minute to run through the engine before driving. You already know what poor lubrication can cause.

Avoid These Four Habits When Driving an Automatic Car
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