New vs Used Car; Which is the Best Option?

When it’s time to buy a new car, the dilemma is always; should you go for a new car or a used car? Well, either way, you decide, there are pros and cons. In today’s review, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages involved – whether you buy a new car or a second-hand car.

Buying a New Car

A new car is always the best choice because you are getting it in mint condition. Everything is intact, including the engine, interior, and exterior. You also don’t have to worry about the car’s history as it is brand new. The maintenance of a new car is also cheaper as everything is running efficiently. The latest vehicles also come with premium features – talk of the latest infotainment system and safety features among others.

On the downside, a new car will hurt your wallet more. A new 2019 Honda Civic should set you back around $20000. If you chose to go the other way, you might get a good deal for just $8,000, say a 2015 Honda Civic. The high costs are due to the initial investment and also high insurance costs.

Buying a Used Car

The advantage of a used car is the cheaper price. Instead of buying the 2019 Honda Civic for $20,000, you can score a deal with a 2013 luxury car you have always envied. It is also cheaper to get the insurance of a used car, and you also won’t pay heavily for depreciation – the depreciation of a car is significant during the first one or two years of use.

On the downside, you are not getting a new car, in its original shape, unless you come across a really sweet deal. Maybe a used car that has been hardly used and is being sold to free up the parking lot. There’s also the chance of being duped into buying a used car with mechanical problems.


A lot of people prefer buying a new car, but the argument is neither here nor there. Well, here’s the deal, if you want the latest BMW and you can afford a showroom car, well and good. But then, if you want the same high-end BMW, but you can’t raise the amount for a 2019 model, you can still score a good deal with a trusted second-hand car dealer. All you need is patience, and with the BMV Vehicle Record Request System, you can easily know whether the car is a salvage, and you can also access the service history.

New vs Used Car; Which is the Best Option?
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