Three Common Engine Problems You Will Encounter

Car engines, whether new or used, are bound to fail. Sometimes the issue is grave while in other cases, there may be no cause for alarm. If you are a car owner, here are three common engine problems you should be expecting.

1. Engine won’t start

There are times you want to rush somewhere, but your car doesn’t crank. Instead, it produces a clicking noise. The number one culprit is the battery, which could be discharged. Also, check for loose power cables. Other causes for this problem may be a defective fuel pump, starter motor relay failure, clogged fuel filter or ignition switch failure.

2. Service Engine Soon Light

Whenever this light illuminates on your car dashboard, the problem could be with the emission, engine, or powertrain controls. There is a sensor attached to these systems, so whenever a problem is detected, the light switches on. It’s quite hard to diagnose the exact problem. We recommend you seek the services of a mechanic certified by ASE to troubleshoot the problem.

3. Overheating

This is another common problem and it is synonymous with old cars and unserviced vehicles. It could also happen with new engines. The problem with overheating is caused by a defective cooling system or inadequate coolant. Drivers will be notified when the engine overheats with a signal on the dashboard.

These are not the only problems that most motorists experience but the common ones. The important thing is to know what to do when you encounter them. You might end up leaving your car by the road when it’s something you can easily handle – maybe it’s a loose gas cap or a dirty air filter.

Three Common Engine Problems You Will Encounter
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