The Cheapest States to Own Used Cars In 2019

Purchasing a used car is an expensive affair in the United States. It becomes more costly if you live in States that take advantage of sales taxes. Also consider the additional annual costs such as insurance, not forgetting the high gas prices. If you are looking for a used car on a budget, here are the cheapest states to buy and own a second-hand car.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers among the most affordable fees for citizens planning to acquire used cars. The state authorities charge a $30 one-time fee for buying a used vehicle. The approximate annual cost is only $2700, making it one of the cheapest in America. That is inclusive of ownership, fuel, and insurance fees. One aspect that makes New Hampshire to stand-out from other states is that buying a used car does not apply a sales tax. Annual insurance premiums and maintenance costs remain among the lowest in the United States.


The initial cost of buying cars are quite expensive in Missouri. However, the State has among the cheapest fuel costs, reducing transportation and ownership prices. Missouri residents pay lesser car-related fees than most average American citizens. Less annual insurance and maintenance costs make buying a used car in Missouri among the cheapest in the United States.


Buying a used car in Wisconsin is quite expensive, but the State offers cheap insurance premiums and reduced fuel prices. With among the most affordable maintenance costs annually, it becomes the second-cheapest State where you can buy a used car in the United States. Reduced car ownership costs in Wisconsin give residents better opportunities for buying second-hand cars.

 ===North Carolina===

The State of North Carolina charges a car sales tax of less than three percent. This lowers the cost of buying a used car in the State. Reduced registration costs, cheaper insurance offers and ownership fees also enhance used car affordability. Despite higher maintenance costs, North Carolina remains among the most affordable states to own a second-hand car.


Ohio has a sales tax rate of around five percent. That is more expensive than other states in America. But they have the second-lowest insurance cost. That makes Ohio among the States where you can own used cars on a budget. Also, the State enjoys relatively lower gas and maintenance costs.

There you have it, folks, the cheapest states to buy used cars. While your budget may be a guiding factor, always remember to buy from a trusted second-hand car dealer. Also, consider checking the car’s history to know whether it has been involved in any accidents. Motor Vehicle History can also give you a clue whether the vehicle was properly maintained or not.

The Cheapest States to Own Used Cars In 2019
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